Monday, July 14, 2008

Culture Shock

Why is it that weddings from other countries are so much more colorful than those here in the US? I wonder if people from other cultures would think ours to be a little drab. I think it's time for Americans to finally let go of the traditional white and penguin suits and mix it up with some cross cultural aspects at their shindig!

How awesome would it be to be dressed more colorfully at your nuptials, or at least inject some color into know I love bright happy colors. Pastels and soft colors are so passé. Take for instance this Indonesian wedding that has wonderful tones of pink and turquoise with loads of gold details...Well maybe a little less gold, though it is making a comeback. They aren't afraid of colors and in the big scheme of things, it actually looks good together.

I guess what I am saying is that color is in and I am starting to finally see it here in the US. Brides and grooms are starting to look outside of the traditional box and finding ways to have their nuptials stand out.

One bride that I have worked with went to the extent of mixing the cultures by changing the theme to her reception almost every hour. She started in the traditional white gown, nice white gloved seated dinner and the traditional toasts and dances. By the end of dinner she had donned a Sari, lights transformed the ballroom to a middle eastern feel with lots of reds and gold’s, belly dancers graced the dance floor and a buffet table serving middle eastern desserts were rolled out as the band rocked out to Bollywood style music. By the end of the evening, she had changed again to a Mexican inspired gown, the colors in the ballroom turned into cool blues - reminiscent or sultry evenings in Cabo San Lucas or Havana and the music changed to a Latin Cubano hip hop session. Cigar stations were rolled out, mojitos started to flowing, and Mexican inspired strolling ice cream vendors serving cones to the crowd. This was definitely a "Cross Culture" success - and the bride and the groom were both Caucasian.

I guess what I am trying to say is don't be afraid to infuse some different cultures into your day - even if it is just the music, it makes your wedding even more exciting and memorable for your guests and it’s a way for you to celebrate the world's diversity. At any rate have fun figuring out what part of the world you want to incorporate into your special day. Who knows it may inspire you in other ways.


Photo from ABC News


Suzanne said...

Great post! Thanks for giving me something to think about for my upcoming wedding.

jesse said...

this has way to much color for me. i luv the idea of puttin color into an event, but not that much. at least for me.

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